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Music Department
Praise Team-The function of the Praise Team is to lead the congregation into worship by demonstration, picking songs that are appropriate to minister to the needs of the people. All praise teams members are appointed by Pastor Hendrickson.

Creative Arts Department

Praise Dance Ministry- Rehearses weekly and prepares dances that are appropriate for Sunday services and is open to all that are gifted to dance.
Mime Ministry - Rehearses weekly and prepares presentations that are appropriate for Sunday services.

Youth Department

The function of this part of the ministry is to design programs and explore the talents of the youth of the church. The youth of the church are given opportunities to exercise their gifts in our main services as well as the programs that are sponsored by the youth department. The youth department also encourages the youth of the church to excel in education and pursue their education to the fullest extent.


The hospitality department tends to the needs of our guest preachers and ministry gifts, as well as the visitors that attend our services. It is the job of the hospitality board to create a welcoming environment for all of our guests, and create an experience that will be remembered after visiting the tabernacle.


Men's Department

Helps to develop and encourage the men of the church and community to become better fathers, husbands and productive members of the church and community.

Women's Department

 Helps to develop and encourage the women of the church and community to become better mothers, wives and productive members of the church as well as the community.

Ministers Board

 The job of the Ministerial Staff of Restoration Tabernacle is to assist the Pastor by building and encouraging people thru the word of God. Also to provide spiritual counseling, prayer when needed.

Deacon Board

 It is the responsibility of the Deacons of Restoration Tabernacle to ensure the facilities of the church are safe and maintained. Also to provide a safe environment that is conducive to praise and worship. They will also pray and provide spiritual counseling as needed. They will visit the sick  and shut in as well as those that may be incarcerated.


The Missionaries are an extension of the outreach ministry. They uphold the vision thru prayer and fasting. They tend to the needs of the members in time of sickness and bereavement.

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