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Restoration Tabernacle is a place where all are welcome and we believe that you can come as you are, but you cannot stay as you are. The purpose of this ministry is to provide a safe environment, a judgment free atmosphere where there is no condemnation to all that walk into our place of worship. We believe that if you are free to come as you are, then God should be free to change who you are. Restoration Tabernacle is a mission driven church; we believe that God has called us to greatness thru servant hood. Restoration Tabernacle responds to the needs of those who are less fortunate than us and we believe in giving back. We believe in the Holy Bible, the teachings of the Apostles, but we are not locked into the traditions of men. It is our goal to serve the community that we have been called to serve by being a beacon of light in this dark world. Restoration is a church that teaches people the power of prayer and fasting and the importance of maintaining a relationship with God by attending weekly services, prayer and Bible study. Restoration Tabernacle is a multi cultural, multi ethnic ministry and we believe that diversity does not make us different it is what makes us great. Restoration Tabernacle also believes in the importance of our first ministry “The Family” we have been called to restore families thru the teaching of God’s word.  Ultimately the assignment of this ministry is to lead people to Calvary, and show them that God loves them so much that he gave his only son to prove it. It is thru the love of God that we offer hope, reconciliation, and a chance to live a God purposed filled life. We believe that “God Will Renew, God Will Revive, and God Will Restore”.

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